06/19/2009 21 Guns CD Single
By François

The second single from 21st Century Breakdown is 21 Guns. A CD was already released, at least as a promo item for radio airplay. It's a 1 track CD-R from the UK with a shortened "Radio Edit" version of the song, length 4:37 versus 5:21 on the album.

Thus, almost a full minute was removed to make it fit in a radio-friendly song. First time I see such a cut in a Green Day radio edit, and I don't like it. It's like killing or censoring the song! In detail, the intro with strings is removed (17 sec), starting straight with a clean acoustic guitar. One chorus in the end is cut, as well as the repeated intro after the bridge.

Here are exclusive photos, click the thumbnails to enlarge! Thanks to n0name0 for them.

Green Day - 21 Guns - Front cover Green Day - 21 Guns - Inside Green Day - 21 Guns - CD

The 21 Guns music video premieres in two days, June 21, on Green Day's MySpace page.

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